For Merchants

Strathmore Loot is a coupon currency that will circulate in our local trade area and support our economy while having the opportunity for merchants to serve new clientele and create new relationships at the same time, enhancing their offering to their existing client base.

$50.00 is all it takes to get started!

Why Strathmore Loot?

The idea behind Strathmore Loots is to support local resiliency and strengthen local purchasing power. Studies show that $68.00 from every $100.00 spent locally, stays in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each participating business will sign up (either on paper or on the website) to join the program and will get an initial supply of 100 pieces of Loot (business chooses the denominations). After enrolment in the program, the business will be added to our marketing program and the website. Merchants set their own earn and burn (give and take) rate. Any merchant that gives out Strathmore Loot must also redeem Strathmore Loot. It is our hope that this will influence consumers to save money while shopping local.
Yes! Any business that exchanges money for products or services among the communities within Strathmore and the Wheatland County! What better way to let people know you're there than to get involved in a community wide program?
Your $50.00 enrolls you in the program and gets you:
  • your first 100 pieces of loot (you choose the denominations)
  • a listing on the Strathmore Loot website
  • 1 week/year as a featured merchant on the Strathmore Loot homepage
  • partnership in all of our advertising on the radio, web, social media
  • A door cling and sign for you store (if you have one)
  • A social media kit for your own social media marketing
  • the ability to participate on the advisory board
You can contact Assist Business Centre and make your order of as much Strathmore Loot as you need, in the denominations you need at a cost of $0.10 per piece*.
* The $0.10 per piece simply covers the costs of making the Strathmore Loot.
Just as it is with your own possessions, you may give your Strathmore Loot away if you wish. Please keep in mind that Strathmore Loot has no cash value. If you give it to a charity, they would have to use within the earn and burn (give and take) rates of the participating merchants.
Although we're hoping it will be a huge success, the current plan is to get the program up and running then have the advisory board and participating merchants reevaluate the effectiveness of the program in 1 year's time.
Participating merchants are required to award and redeem Strathmore Loot to and from consumers as they've agreed to in their earn and burn rates listed on this website. We also ask that participating merchants take part in the 3, 6 and 9 month surveys so that the advisory board can evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

You can contact us and order new Strathmore Loot. The price is $0.10/piece. You can order as much as you need in the denominations you need.

Question not answered here? Please feel free to contact us today!

Earn & Burn Examples

Customer Earn

  • Business #1 gives each customer 10% in Loot for any purchase over $10.00
  • Business #2 gives each customer $2.00 in Loot, regardless of the size of purchase
  • Business #3 gives each customer $100.00 in Loot for every job completed over $1000.00

Customer Burn

  • Business #1 will accept from the customer $5.00 in Loot as payment towards any invoice over $20.00
  • Business #2 will accept Loot as payment for up to 25% of the total bill, excluding taxes.
  • Business #3 will accept up to $100.00 in Loot as payment on any job totalling $800.00 before taxes

NOTE: Loot can not be used on the same transaction when it is received.